~ Enchanted Macrame Amulets ~

These Treasured Amulets are 100% hand crafted by yours truly!~ Knot by knot, they are precisely woven together at my fingertips to help guide you on your journey through life. Each individual Treasure is completely one of a kind depending on where my inspiration has lead me during creation! These enchanted amulets can be worn in a variety of unique styles (for styling examples please visit my instagram page @TreasuresByTayy) ✨ Using high quality & ethically sourced gemstones, you are supporting many souls when purchasing a Treasure- From myself, to the lapidary artist who cut, shape and polish each gemstones, to the families who mine them all around our beautiful Mother Earth! We thank you dearly for your love and support! 

***For Custom inquires please email me @ TreasuresByTay@gmail.com or direct message me on instagram! @TreasuresByTayy I would be honored to work with you and bring your custom Treasure ideas to life! ***

Thank you for honoring & appreciating my heART-work!! Your love and support inspires me to continue pouring my heart and soul into each Treasured creation  ••• I love you always ••• Xoxoxo, Tay ✨🌸✨


**I am absolutely over the moon to announce the Butterfly Wing Treasures~ in collaboration with @Eceletic_Collections!!! These *ethically sourced* butterfly wings have been sealed in resin along with a select few power house crystals by hand, then wrapped by yours truly to bring you the ultimate healing butterfly enchanted amulet!! ✨💗✨